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La Mura

Rosè Terre Siciliane IGT

Winemaker’s notes: A rosé with real southern character, this wine is bursting with ripe fruit. The bouquet is of wild strawberries, and the palate is full of juicy red berry fruit flavours, making this an aperitif, which is hard to beat. Perfectly paired with seafood, salads and white meats.

  • Vinification process

    The grapes are de-stemmed and soft-crushed. We use the salasso method of removing the juice from the bottom of the fermenter - this minimises skin content, thereby keeping tannins as low as possible, while giving the wine its lovely pink colour. Selected yeasts initiate the fermentation at about 16-18C for around 10 days. We do not carry out the malolactic fermentation in order to achieve maximum freshness in the finished wine.

  • Denomination

    100% Nero d’Avola (indigenous to Sicily)

  • Vine

    The Nero d’Avola grapes are selected from prime vineyards in the province of Trapani, in south-western Sicily

  • Harvest

    The grapes are carefully picked by hand in mid September, to ensure the optimum level of acidity is retained, which is vital for this fresh, fruity style of wine

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