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Valpolicella Ripasso DOC

Canaletto Valpolicella Ripasso is made using the unique ‘appassimento’ technique, where the wine is passed over the semi-dried grapes used to produce Amarone, thereby inducing a secondary fermentation. Made fom the indigenous Italian grape varieties Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara, the resulting wine is ripe and concentrated, wonderfully smooth and elegant aromas of dark chocolate and roasted nuts. An excellent partner to roast red meats, game, stews and full flavoured mature cheese. 

  • Vinification process

    Once in the cellar the grapes are de-stemmed. The fermentation takes place at 26-28°C, the contact with the skins lasts about 8-10 days, and is followed by racking and malolactic fermentation. The wine is then kept in stainless-steel until January when it is left in contact with the Amarone skins for about 5-7 days. The wine is racked, softly pressed and one part of the wine is aged in barriques for about 10-12 months.

  • Vineyard location

    Grapes are selected from the hillside slopes of the San Pietro and Negrar villages in the Valpolicella area. Vines are trained with the ‘pergola veronese’ (trellised) traditional method.

  • Planting density

    Density is ca 2800-3000 vines/ha.

  • Vine

    80% Corvina, 15% Rondinella and 5% Molinara

  • Harvest

    The grapes are harvested by hand at the beginning of October.

Winemaker’s notes: Intense ruby-red colour, with a complex bouquet, reminiscent of cherries, raspberries and redcurrants. The oak ageing adds a pleasant roasted and spicy aroma. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, supple and well-balanced and with a long finish. Perfect with roast red meats and mature cheeses.

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