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Nero d'Avola Merlot IGT

  • Vinification process

    Each grape variety is vinified separately. In both cases grapes are de-stemmed, but not crushed, allowing some to remain intact, and selected yeasts (different yeast strains are used for each grape variety) are added. Maceration lasts approximately 10 days for the Nero d’Avola and 18-20 days for the Merlot.

  • Vineyard location

    Both the Nero d’Avola and Merlot grapes are grown in the western part of the regione vineyards lie quite close to the sea, which has a great influence on the microclimate of the area. soil is sandy and arid, but at the same time rich in minerals. Vines are trained on a spurred cordon method, producing about 60hl/ha.

  • Denomination

    Terre Siciliane

  • Vine

    Nero d’Avola and Merlot

  • Harvest

    Both grape varieties are carefully harvested by hand in mid September. Partial picking is employed whereby the vineyards are picked several times over, so that only bunches of perfectly mature grapes are selected.

Fermentation: The must is fermented at 26° C at the beginning, with delastage taking place from 5% alcohol until fermentation is complete. Malolactic fermentation occurs in both wines immediately after primary fermentation, aer which the two wines are blended together.

Winemaker’s notes: A distinctive red wine, with intense ripe fruit combined with delicious savoury, spicy notes. This wine is ideal with all sorts of hearty dishes, but also perfect on its own.

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