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Agreement between LA-VIS GROUP and ALITALIA

event Date: 03 March 2014

ETHICA S P A – the La-Vis Group company responsible for sales – and ALITALIA recently signed a new agreement strengthening a beneficial relationship that began in 2013. Canaletto brand products are the focus of this new agreement. Wines from this historical brand of Casa Girelli S.p.A., which is part of the La-Vis Group, will be served on flights in Italy, Europe and to and from the Americas beginning this coming spring.

Marco Zanoni, C.E.O. of the La-Vis Group, stated: "We will supply two more wines, one red and one white, for a total of close to 350,000 bottles". Zanoni then added: "This agreement with Alitalia goes beyond mere economic benefits, since it supports the company communication policy while significantly promoting the Canaletto brand. Millions of bottles of this wine are distributed around the world (33 countries import Canaletto) and the company is currently committed to gaining new market shares, particularly in the United States".

Chardonnay Trentino Simboli from LaVis S.c.a. has been served on Alitalia Business Class flights since 2013. This successful arrangement, which will continue in 2014, offers an example of the new opportunities that the management of La-Vis Group’s sales division has been seizing in its project to re-launch the company.

"It is essential that we take strategic and timely actions in different markets", said Zanoni. "Thus, partnerships and business agreements provide two-fold results – they strengthen markets and open new development opportunities. The agreement with Alitalia will produce effects in North America (Toronto, New York, Miami, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles are a few of the Canadian and American destinations involved) and Italy, as well as the United Kingdom and Northern Europe".

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